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[Episode 4] This video is a tribute to all the people out there who train with a fiery passion; who refuse to be deluded by gimmicks and fads that promise impossible results. This video is for you. Hard work may not be fashionable, but it never goes out of style. [watch in FULLSCREEN HD] Subscribe, share & Train Like Hell!

Written, Filmed, Produced by Miguel Valenzuela

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Marko, Tammie Sarkozy, Mark "Meataxe" Taylor, Rach White, Chris Jenkins, Stacey Mc Mahon, Nath Roe, Jay Jay Mitchell, Paapa Kweku, Francesca Carmella, Natika Leanne, Renae Thomas, Eddy Ung & PJ Lee

Track 1: "Intro" by Suicide Commando
Track 2: "Firewalking" by Hocico
taken from disc 2 of the album "El Último Minuto Antes De Que Tu Mundo Caiga" (special deluxe edition). Hocico appear courtesy of Out Of Line Music,,
Track 3: "Son of Satan" by God Destruction
Track 4: "Armageddon" by God Destruction