Roman Fritz Trainiert Beine

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What is "Barebones Bodybuilding"? It's "limited" bodybuilding. Maybe you're traveling. Maybe your gym isn't as fully equipped as you like. Whatever the reason, there's no excuse not to train – not to get something from next to nothing. If you've got the will, Animal is here to show you the way.
In this, the second installment, we focus on IFBB Pro Roman "Rex" Fritz who recalls his roots lifting in a basic boarding school gym. Rex devises a brutally simple leg session using only a barbell loaded with 225 lbs. Digging deep, Roman pushes through a gut-busting workout consisting of ten sets each of both squats and walking lunges. When the fancy equipment is unavailable and the bullshit excuses are cast aside, all that is left is effort. And desire.
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Filmed nearby at Diesel Gym, North Brunswick, New Jersey.