The Perfect Physique - Aesthetic Fitness Documentary with Greg Plitt and other

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"The Perfect Physique is this generation's answer to Pumping Iron. The movie is emotional, raw, revealing, unexpectedly uplifting and often quite funny. It's directed by prodigy Kandice King, who produced her first film at 18 years of age." - journalist Sam Novak
The Perfect Physique is a compelling docudrama featuring an all-star cast of the world's top fitness cover models TJ Hoban, David Kimmerle, David Morin, Colin Wayne and fitness icon Greg Plitt (which the film is dedicated to) with IFBB Men's Physique Pro athletes, 2x Mr. Olympia champ Jeremy Buendia, first-ever Men's Physique Pro Matt Christianer, Arnold Classic winner Sadik Hadzovic, Olympians Jason Poston and Tonnell Rodrigue along with IFBB Pro bodybuilder and master trainer Dennis James and the "Pro Creator" Hany Rambod.