Zyzz Todesmeldung Channel 10 News

veröffentlicht am 25.03.2012, 10:14 öffentlich 6.637 Aufrufe
For those of you that didn't know him, I'll explain a little about how he lived his life. He lived for training and events, and he loved his trance. His attitude was to live in the now. He didn't hold grudges and he was good to everyone around him, even those that seemed hostile. He's the only person I've known who is so selfish but so selfless at the same time. We can all learn a lot from him. He's touched so many. His body was statueqsue, but it's more than that. So many young kids now are training, eating healthily and having fun with life because of him. Zyzz's memory will live on and his spirit will show through us. Zyzz, this is our gift to you.